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Dec 8, 2012 9:00pm EST
for safeguarding the nation at prof harbor and other military facilities on the island of oahu in hawaii. on 7:53 in the morning, without warning, the japanese launched a massive air attack against pearl harbor and other military bases on that island. when the attack ended, almost 3000 americans have lost their lives. a total of 21 ships were demolished. 188 aircraft were destroyed. most of those aircraft were destroyed before they could become airborne. after the attack, president franklin roosevelt stated this day, december 7, as a day which will live in infamy. and it has. we gather to remember that attack on pearl harbor and honor those who received the blow of that first strike. and also remember and honor all those who served in world war ii. it is my pleasure today to represent the friends of the national world war ii memorial. an organization dedicated to ensuring that we always remember the greatest generation and their service, valor, and sacrifice. all those who supported on the home front. to achieve this, we worked very closely and proudly with the national parks service and with
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1